Can I Get a Car Title Loan without Insurance?
Insurance is mandatory anywhere in Canada to drive an automobile. This also protects you in case of an unfortunate situation. We can connect you to our partners to ensure you can secure the best coverage and premium possible based on your record & history.
What are the interest rates of Car Title Loans?
We work with clients in both prime and non prime categories. The interest rate is based on your credit history.
Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit?
Yes you can. We understand everyone makes mistakes sometimes but when banks say NO, we say YES. We also work with Consumer Proposal, Ontario Disability Program & Bankruptcy consumers. We fight harder to get you behind the wheels so you can focus on more important things in life like spending time with your family, going places and enjoying your drive.
How do I Get a Luxury Car Loan?
It’s easy. Just fill in the application form and we will have someone contact you with your options.
Can I Get a 15 Minutes Title Loan?
We make every effort to approve you the same day however sometimes due to certain circumstances we may require additional information or contact you to clarify the information given on the application.
Can I Get a Title Loan Fully Online?
Although we can provide approval remotely, we do like to see you for signing papers and reviewing details with you for your peace of mind and protection.
How Do I Get A Car Title Loan With An Old Car?
We welcome trades however if you have an existing loan it may impact approval depending on your utilization of available credit, income and other variable factors deemed necessary to approve your application.
Why Should I Get a Loan With You?
Ultimately as a consumer you can loan with a provider however we offer flexible payment options, term and value added servicing to ensure we put you behind the wheels faster. We offer tailored options to ensure you are not car poor and have room to successfully manage other expenses.
What are the Benefits of Getting a Car Loan Vs. Leasing?
Both have great benefits. It depends on your needs and priorities at that time. The benefits include you being in control when compared to a Lease where you may not be control. Car loans offer ownership once you pay off your car loan and your title is clean. On the other hand, with the lease, the prices are higher, you do not own the car and usually have to take wear/tear protection when you return the ca. This is to ensure that you are not charged for the condition you return the car in. We offer loans to consumers so you can drive and work on your credit building to ensure that when you return the car, we can offer non-prime rates.
What Are The Steps On Getting A Bad Credit Emergency Loan?
If you have bad credit there are lenders who will approve you. However the interest will be high as you will be considered a high risk consumer. If you are struggling with your credit it is better to consolidate your loans to make one monthly payment. If you cannot keep up with your payments and would like to stop your interest rate and calls from collection agency, it would be ideal to look into a Consumer Proposal. There are plenty of information available on this. We can connect you to Trustees as well those who can help you in reducing your debt and monthly payments.
What Are the Steps to Get a Same Day Loan?
Simply complete the application online with all required details and we will have someone get in touch with you at our earliest convenience – provided all the details given are true and accurate. Sometimes misrepresentation and inadequate information could delay your application process.
What Can I Do to Improve My Credit and When I Return What Benefits Do I Get?
Chances are, your interest will be high if you have poor credit. However we work with you to ensure that we put you behind the wheels with the best rate possible. It’s just a matter of time before we can secure a prime rate loan for you after the successful completion of your initial loan program. Once you enter into a program your credit improves with regular payments made on time. It always works faster than a credit card or a line of credit loan.

Even if initially your credit is poor and banks deny you, the interest will be high on your loan whether you go with a Bank or other institutions. However we put you on a plan with manageable payment & terms so you can pay off the debt faster and return to us so we can secure a prime rate for you based on your history.